Investments highest in Bangalore rural, but Bangalore urban tops jobs generated

In what is the first major clearance of projects and investments by a high-level committee since the Congress government came to power in May, the government has approved 19 projects.

According to a government release, the investments across these projects total to Rs. 14,818 crore. These projects, the government claims, will provide employment to 69,746 people across the State. The details of all the projects approved in the 32nd State high-level clearance committee reveal that the maximum number of projects approved are in Bangalore (Rural) district — no less than 6 of the 19. The total investments here are Rs. 4,397.83 crore with an estimated 23,302 jobs generated.

Interestingly, the highest number of jobs to be generated are in Bangalore Urban (35,550) where one project has been sanctioned.

Automotive sector leads

Sector-wise maximum investments are in the automobile sector, spanning three projects — this accounts for 36 per cent of the total investment. The highest number of individual projects sanctioned, however, remains in the software sector where five IT companies are slated to create 56,050 jobs, far above any other sector. Following software is the electronics sector that accounts for 7,000 jobs.

While, according to the government’s list, the main share of investments come from automobile, an indicative list of companies do not mention companies in the sector.

Five IT companies including Wipro, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Cognizant and Exilant are on the list, along with two pharma companies (not on the list of contributing sectors).

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