Police form special teams to probe the murder

Preliminary investigation into the murder of the four-year-old girl, whose body was found on Tuesday morning in Kodichikkanahalli, has indicated that the girl was allegedly sexually assaulted, but not raped.

According to the police officers involved in the investigation, the girl may have died after her vital organs stopped functioning due to extreme pressure exerted on her body. The extreme pressure could have been due to a suspected sexual assault, the police said.

The girl’s uncle told The Hindu that it was strange that the girl’s body was found almost half a kilometre away from her residence even though they had searched the area thoroughly.

“I remember making at least seven or eight trips during the search in the area on Monday night, but we did not spot the body anywhere near the house. However, I got a call from my sister on Tuesday saying that they found the body near the house,” he said. The family suspects that the perpetrators could have abandoned the body near the house after committing the crime elsewhere.

The girl was the older daughter of manual labourers from Mandya, who have another daughter aged about two years. While the mother is working as a domestic help nearby, the victim’s father works as a labourer in Karadakere in Mandya district. The family had moved into the city about two months ago. After being at the anganwadi till 2 p.m., the girl and her younger sister would be looked after by Bheemamma, who lived near the anganwadi, as their mother would be away at work. On Monday, when the victim’s mother went to pick up her children, she realised that her daughter was nowhere to be seen.

Ms. Bheemamma said that the victim’s sister had fever due to which she was made to sleep in her (Bheemamma’s) house. The four-year-old was playing outside with the other children.

Ms. Bheemamma said that she last saw the child going towards her grandmother who was walking nearby. When the victim’s mother came to pick up her children, Bheemamma said that the four-year-old had already left. However, Bheemamma too was taken aback when the girl’s mother, who had left her home with her younger child, returned saying that the girl was not to be found at home either.

The police, who registered a case of murder in this regard, said that they have formed special teams including four inspectors and four sub-inspectors to probe into the murder.


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