As Bangalore braces itself for a potential crisis, C&N finds out what Kodihalli residents, who are hit particularly hard, are doing to prepare for it

It’s fair to say the most common form of traffic in Kodihalli is the water tanker.

Most large-scale buildings seem to have one perennially parked inside; every lane has at least one water tanker hovering around.

The area is one of those in the city less favoured by the water gods. With World Water Day falling on March 22 and the prospect of a dry summer ahead for the city, we spoke to some residents to find out how they plan to prepare for the upcoming water shortages.

Pushpa Surendra, homemaker

We live in an apartment complex, and don’t face too much of a water shortage as compared to the rest of the area.

The association in the complex has advised us earlier to reduce our water usage and we have already implemented these changes.

For the upcoming summer, we plan to keep a strict account of how much water we use, especially for bathing and cleaning.

Prakash N.K., grocery store assistant

At home, despite us saving up every bit of water we can, there are days of acute shortage.

Tankers are costly, but I have often had to use them because the shortage is too great.

If things are very bad this summer we plan to cut down on how much water we use to clean dishes, clothes and the house.

Chinthayamma, homemaker

Our home gets water only every other day, sometimes once in three days.

We are a large household, and keep water stored in drums and buckets. I have heard that it will be especially bad this year.

If there is too much of a shortage, I will cut down on washing clothes, and postpone that chore to only when there will be sufficient water.

I also postpone mopping the house.

Chinnaswamy N., recycled paper mart worker

There is an existing shortage already, our home is filled with plastic pots of water so I don’t know how it will be in the summer.

When there is absolutely no water we adjust somehow by going around to other houses, and bathing every other day.

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