The new contract set to clear the city garbage from December this year has triggered yet another controversy, with the former Mayor P.R. Ramesh filing a complaint with the Lokayukta Court alleging senior officials indulged in large-scale irregularities in the tender process.

Mr. Ramesh alleged that BBMP commissioner Rajneesh Goel, Urban Development Principal Secretary Amita Prasad and eight others colluded to benefit the contractors by tampering with the tender process.

Though the proposal was for clearance of 100 per cent waste, terms added later authorised the contractors to sell 30 per cent of dry waste after segregation.

Such changes in tender documents are in violation of the Transparency Act. Mr. Ramesh alleged the alteration was made to ensure personal gain to all contractors who are hand in glove with the officials.

“Instead of paying contractors to lift dry waste, BBMP could have granted permission to another contractor to lift and sell the dry waste at the segregation point. This could have ensured income for BBMP,” he said. “With the cost of dry waste at Rs.10 per kg, daily sale of such dry waste brings the contractor a whopping Rs.1 crore every day.”

Bulk solid waste

The Commissioner had issued a public notice indicating that the bulk solid waste shall be disposed of by ‘bulk generators’ at their own expense. This also helped contractors as they are paid for 100 per cent of the waste collection.

Tender documents indicated that coverage area for one auto tipper was 500 household per day and 100 household per pushcart with worker. However, all of a sudden, this was changed to 600 and 200 respectively, violating the Transparency Act.