Latvia, which broke away from the Soviet Republic 25 yeas ago, is among the least populous in the European Union with around two million people. It produces five to six films a year with a fairly substantial financial assistance from the State. But with most privately-owned multiplexes choosing to run Hollywood films, Latvian films don’t have it easy, says Juris Poskus, the director of Kolka Cool. This film is among the two Latvian films at the ongoing Bengaluru International Film Festival (BIFFes), the other film being Mother, I Love You.

He says that the Kolka Cool attempts to break away from European cinema “which is oversaturated with realism” and depicts life in a small village on the Baltic coast with humour, in black-and-white format. Mr. Poskus says that Latvia has a very different film culture where a director is in command, unlike in India where star system rules. However, he believes that Indian films are doing extremely well right now.

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