The authentic food served here is a reflection of the expertise of its two founders

At Tawa Tandoor aur Tadka, the smell of the tandoor fills the air and folk music plays languorously in the background.

The brainchild of the Chief Culinary Officer, Deepak Kaul and Chief Chef Ratnesh Singh, who both have decades of experience in hotel management, the focus here is on authenticity.


“The concept was to incorporate the three main mediums used in cooking north Indian food — the hotplate (tawa), the earthen clay pot (tandoor), and the seasoned fry (tadka),” says Deepak, talking about how they came up with the name.

In and out

Deepak from Kashmir and Ratnesh from Benaras, have brought in the best of Peshawari and Awadhi cuisine.

Spread across 3,000 sq.ft, they have an indoor as well as outdoor dining space. The Kashmiri rajma, khum kaju mutter and the murg mutter, Ratnesh says, are his favourites.


I began with the appetiser, gulabo lassi, which had a tinge of rose essence and green apple soda. The stuffed mushroom had paneer seasoned with herbs and spices as the stuffing, and a dash of khus-khus for some extra flavour. The fusion kebab retained the smokiness of the tandoor.

The murg kalonji sheek kebab, which had a mince of chicken with black onion and sesame seeds was a delight. “I come here often just for the soft and juicy murg kalonji sheek kebab,” says Rajat Mathur, a customer.

Curries like the til aloo aur munphalli albeli, where baby potatoes, sesame seeds and roasted peanuts are tossed in a special masala, showcase their expertise.

The murg Patiala which originates from Peshawar has chunks of boneless chicken in saffron gravy. Their bread basket has staples like rotis, kulchas and parathas.

You can end your meal with the rabadi, kulfi or gajar halwa, which beat all the other desserts on the menu.

The restaurant includes new dishes and revamps its menu every three months.

Tawa Tandoor aur Tadka is located at No.507, 60th ft road , F block, Sahakar Nagar near Bellary Road. Contact- 96786197100/ 9886198740


Paper PlateJanuary 13, 2011