The Army Public School (Parachute Regiment Training Centre), J.C. Nagar, is back in the news. Parents of 42 of its students are alleging that the school has issued debarment notices to their wards for non-payment of the “readmission” fees, which, they say, are against the rules.

The tussle between the school authorities and the parents began early this year with the issue of the change of name of the school. The school, affiliated to the CBSE board, announced that the “new school” will function according to the “Army Welfare Education Society (AWES) guidelines”.

With the parents of the 42 students putting up a stiff resistance against the collection of Rs. 21,000 as readmission fees, the school has listed them in the defaulters’ list.

In a notice issued to students on December 17, the school said: “The school authorities cannot wait any longer; hence the school is constrained to restrain the students from attending the classes with effect from January 2, 2013, if arrears of school fee are not paid by that time.”

J. Melquier Celestine, a parent, told The Hindu that the CBSE Board, in its letter dated September 4 this year, “has clearly stated not to collect any fresh admission fee from students on account of change of name of the school”. He also claimed that these 42 students are being victimised by excluding them from extracurricular activities.

“On December 18, our children were asked for their identity cards when they were not issued any. Since then, they have not been allowed inside,” he added.

To protest this, several parents have planned to gather in front of the school for a peaceful demonstration on Friday, as December 21 is the last working day of the school.

The school, meanwhile, refused to comment. “The matter is in the High Court and we will go by its order,” said V.D. Chowgule, commandant of the school.