The family of a pregnant woman found hanging at home on Sarjapur Road in Varthur on Wednesday morning has cried foul, accusing her boyfriend of having a hand in her death.

The body of Ayesha Sultana (25) was discovered by Sashidhar (30), her live-in partner.

Row over money

He reportedly told the police the couple had had a row when he asked her to work if she wanted to support her family. The two had moved in together since January last year but her family was unaware of the relationship. Ayesha’s mother said: “She had told us that Shashidhar was a friend from office. She discussed marriage once in general but we had no idea that she was living with him. We just knew him as a friend.”

The family didn’t believe it was suicide. Ayesha’s mother said: “We think he strangled her with a rope and then hung her body to make it seem like a suicide.”

However the post-mortem report ruled it as suicide.

Ayesha had come to the city about six years ago and had not been in touch with her family. Police said she had been brought up by her grandmother in Mudigere while her parents lived in Belur.

Ayesha’s grandmother told The Hindu: “She had been the main support for the family as both her brothers did not work. She would send money every month for the treatment of her autistic cousin as well. She was the only one who could afford to help.”

Ayesha had done some bit roles in films such as Ugadi and Aishwarya, her family said.

Police said Sashidhar was a gym instructor who also did other odd-jobs for a living.

Police said though Ayesha had been unemployed since some time, she continued to send money to her family and hence must have been dependent on Sashidhar for cash.

Dual identity

Police said that they found all her documents pertaining to the woman at their residence had the names Tejaswini and Archana. She had even voted in the elections using a voter ID with a Hindu name.

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