Journalist K.S. Dakshinamurthy’s book, “The Anopheles Sting” was released here on Monday. The book is a story about Dhamu, a young ad executive who finds his wallet missing and takes the help of a stranger to pay a bill and how this seemingly simple act sparks off a series of events that leads him to be trapped as a terror suspect.

Speaking about the book at the launch, Mr. Dakshinamurthy said that there were several layers to the book. “You can pick up any strand of the book and it is quite open. It is an attempt to be different. While the book can be seen as a political thriller, a crime book and it breaks categories. But the closest I could call it is a political personal novel.”

Commenting on the nature of the media during a discussion titled ‘Guilty until proven innocent’, he pointed out the “disturbing manner” in which the media works and said that there was a need for journalists to rely on independent sources apart from the official version.

When asked why he chose to write fiction, he said: “Over a period of time a journalist will have several stories to tell. But the problem with being a reporter is very frustrating as you are bound by norms of journalism and will you need to have an outlet for this.”The book was released by former IAS officer, Chiranjiv Singh, writer K.R. Usha and professor, IIM- Bangalore Rajeev Gowda.

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