Even as revellers wait for clock to strike 12 for the New Year to begin on Monday, the weather gods have plans of their own. According to the forecast for December 31 by the Indian Meteorological Department, it is going to be a cloudy, and possibly rainy day.

This may not be different from the trend seen this week, when Saturday was a wet day.

“It will be a generally cloudy sky and light showers are expected in and around Bangalore. The minimum temperature will be around 19 degree Celsius,” an official from the Meteorological Department told The Hindu on Sunday.

With the temperatures dipping by night time, those planning to get out and indulge in celebrations stretching into the early hours of Tuesday will be better off being wrapped in warm clothes.

But will the weather be a dampener for party plans? Certainly not, says engineering student Rahul. S. He does not have any plans yet, “but the party will go on anyway,” he maintains.

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