The mutilated body of Piyush Sinha, an engineering student with one semester to go at the MVIT College at Hunusmaranahalli, was found bundled inside a suitcase in his hostel room by his friends late Thursday.

The Jharkhand native was found with his throat slit open and his body bore wounds indicating struggle, said the Yelahanka police, who are investigating the case. Based on information provided by his hostel mates, the police arrested Gautham (23) a final year BA student, also from Jharkhand.

Piyush's friends told the police he accused was the last person seen leaving his room on Wednesday. On Thursday evening his friends grew suspicious and broke into his room when Piyush did not emerge from his room after more than 24 hours.

Inside, they found blood splattered all over but did not find the body. So, they called the police who found it in the suitcase that lay in a corner of the room.

The manner in which the body was crammed into the suitcase, has led the police to suspect the possibility of more than one person involved in the crime. The act appears to have taken a lot of strength, said a police officer.

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