Eight tourists from Bangalore were rescued by the lifeguards of the Drishti Special Response Services (DSRS) manning the Calangute beach in north coastal Goa on Monday.

A spokesperson of DSRS said they arrived at the beach around 10 a.m. Though the tourists were told not to go towards the ‘no swimming zone’, they ventured into the waters and got dragged in by strong currents. After a while, they ventured into deeper waters and experienced an inwards pull due to a rip current which dragged them 10 metres offshore and they started shouting for help.

Two duty lifeguards rushed to their rescue after relaying a message over the radio for additional support. They were released later with safety advice.

The names of the persons were given as Kiran S.(26), Sunil Kumar(26), Satish B.R.(22),Raghu Gauda(25),Ravi Shah(28),Yatish S.(28), Tamanna G.R.(30) and Pradeep Kumar(26).

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