Rumour-mongering no dampener to festivities

Despite the cloud of rumours, Id was celebrated with fervour across the city on Monday. Families got together and feasted after a month of fasting.

The day began with the offering of namaaz in mosques in the midst of tight security with police personnel deployed outside. Security was heightened in the wake of the recent rumour-mongering that led to the exodus of northeast settlers here.

The day is usually a busy one for Muslim families with close relatives and friends getting together to greet each other. This warrants for a large spread of dishes. “For those who come to greet us, we offer them the sevaiyya and snacks like samosas and pakoras. For those who stay for lunch, we serve biryani and dry non-vegetarian dishes,” explained Roshan Ismail Khatri, in the middle of a packed house full of relatives.

Not just feasting

“Ramzan is mistaken to be only about staying away from food. But actually, the roza is for the mind and the stomach. Apart from fasting, one is not expected to see, hear or do anything negative.

After 29 or 30 days of doing this, Id is the day to celebrate and be happy,” Ms. Khatri added.

Asked if the exodus had cast a shadow on the festivities, Mohammed Eliyas said people were undeterred by such rumours.

“It is an important festival and nothing can dampen the spirits to celebrate it,” he said.

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