Developments in search for Souvik Pal to be communicated by family liaison officer

To ensure that the family of Bangalore boy Souvik Pal, who went missing in Manchester 16 days ago, is kept abreast of developments in the search operation, the government will soon appoint a family liaison officer, said British Health Minister Anna Soubry, who visited the city on Wednesday.

Replying to queries during a media interaction, Ms. Soubry said it was unfortunate that the boy was not traceable even after 16 days. “It is a sad case and worrying too. Sixteen days is really too long and we are still waiting for concrete information from the Greater Manchester City Police. But they are doing their best and are, in fact, doing a good job,” she said.

“To ensure that the missing boy’s mother Mahuya, who is in Bangalore, is kept informed of all the developments happening in Manchester, I have asked my officials to appoint a family liaison officer, if one has not been appointed so far. I have also [arranged for] them to have an interpreter ,” she said

Souvik went missing on New Year’s Eve after being separated from his friends at the Warehouse Project nightclub. The CCTV footage at the club showed him being pulled out by the doorkeeper and he was last seen near the discotheque.

Ms. Soubry, who expressed solidarity with Souvik’s family, added: “We want national publicity to ensure his safety. The Manchester United Football team is also assisting in the tracing operations. We hope he will be traced soon.”

U.K.Health Minister Anna Soubry, (U.K.Parliamentary under secretary of State for Public Health) who visited Bangalore on Wednesday met Souvik Pal's mother at her residence in Hebbal. The short meeting included a private discussion between the Minister and Souvik's mother, sources in the British High Commission's Bangalore office said.

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