Nas Home takes upholstery to a whole new level of customisation and choice

Globalisation has brought the world together even at the windows, walls, sofas and cushions. It has now become possible even to sleep on the same bedspreads as, say the French do. Of course you could choose to sleep in or sit on some desi handcrafted Indian bedspreads for the home feel if you wish to, or even have your entire house colour co-ordinated with your favourite painting at Nas Home in Indiranagar.

The first look at the well-lit glass display of the store, formerly known as Zara Furnishings, is very promising, with some colourfully upholstered sofas, chairs and rich bedspreads. The store itself wastes no inch of space in its 2,500 sq.ft with arrays of curtain material and upholstery on the ground floor and home linen — tablecloths, table mats, bed spreads, quilts, wallpapers, curtain accessories and hardware and more on the first floor.

The store re-launched over a month ago as “Nas Home” after expanding its services to include customized design solutions for soft furnishings. “Here at Nas Home, we have over 4,000 different fabrics including upholstery and curtains and we provide a high degree of customisation for all your home linen,” says proprietor Nasir Masood.

The curtains come in a potpourri of fabrics, design and colours. The upholstery is in cotton, polyester, jacquards, silk, linen and more. As a preview, a wallpapered side wall displays the various curtain hangers – roads, tabs, layers or rings. The ground floor also houses some readymade concepts for curtains and upholstery sorted brand-wise. Nas Home too has its own range of furnishings.

Upstairs, the various brands of wallpapers are stacked in neat rows. These belong to global brands like Designer Guild, Harlequin, Casamance, Casdeco and Prestigious. Then there are the various brands of bedspreads and rich quilts, both Indian and international, including Seasons, D'décor, Portico, Spaces, Yamini, and Benetton.

There are ornate and simple cushion covers, table cloths and table mats in various textures ranging from pearl to leather and coconut. These too can be customised according to design and finish (brass, nickel etc).

Nas Home also personalises design solutions, co-ordinating with your interior designers and architects, so that all soft furnishings can form a theme with anything you choose, including your favourite painting.

The store seeks to set up shop in more locations in the city before moving to markets further down south. Curtains and bedspreads begin at Rs. 200 per metre, the price of wallpaper ranges per square foot from Rs. 50 upwards and table linen costs Rs. 250 upwards.

NAS Home is located in Indiranagar's 100 ft road, opposite the Reebok showroom. Call 25202871.

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