Ministry of Blues holds a concert in memory of band member Deepak Kesavan

Music and time, it is said, heals the deepest wound. This is what city band Ministry of Blues (MOB) attempted to do at the memorial concert recently held at CounterCulture. They lost founding member and the ‘superglue' of the band, drummer Deepak Kesavan, late in August.

The MOB trio — Vinoo Matthew (bass guitar), Philipe Haydon (guitar and vocals) and Rauf Abdul (piano and vocals) relived fond memories through Deepak's favourites such as Rise Sally rise and Memories of you, among others.

‘A coming together'

“Today is more of a coming together of people who knew DK — family and musicians alike — to remember the man so loved, through the one thing that united us — music,” says Vinoo.

Noted musicians such as Bruce Lee Mani, Rajeev Rajagopal (who filled in as the drummer for the evening) from Thermal and a Quarter and others who had played alongside him at some point in time, also joined in honouring DK.

“It is very hard for us even to envisage playing as the MOB without Deepak. We were unable to even practice longer than 40 minutes for the performance today,” says Philipe.

Despite lack of practice, they were able to deliver deft, smooth strokes infused with such energy that it didn't take them long to infect the crowd.

Says Kripa Williams, a friend and fan of the band: “The music being played is so soulful that it almost feels as if Deepak is back, urging them on to continue to spread the joy.”

And spread the joy they did. Not just through music, but in trying to lift the heaviness that lingered in the air through light, humorous anecdotes while introducing each song they played.

The evening reluctantly ended with the audience roaring for more as the MOB sang Still got the blues for you.

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