At Angana, the menu is decided on the basis of what is good for you

In recent years, many resorts have cropped up on and off Kanakapura Road, offering a wide variety of cuisines from different parts of the world. But at Angana, the menu is decided on the basis of what is good for you.

The food is prepared by local people; it is like the ‘mess' in cities, with a homemade appeal, but of course, offering a fine dining experience.

Antique charm

The restaurant bears a rustic look with kerosene lamps and brass bells hanging from clay-tiled roofs.

Antique tea pots and other utensils adorn the dining area, set on red oxide flooring. Stone pillars surrounding the room give it an old world charm.

Jaljeera, a refreshing drink made with zesty dry mango powder and black salt, is offered on arrival, setting the tone for the scrumptious meal ahead.

A redundant appetiser, lemon panaka, follows and can be avoided especially as it is loaded with sugar.


This is followed by an array of curries, such as green gram or chenna kosambari, beans palya, raitha, ennegai (brinjal curry) and potato, all of which are prepared from vegetables grown around the resort. They are served on plantain leaves, as befitting the south Indian theme.

The brinjal curry, with its medium spice and just the right amount of oil, is a delicacy that one must not miss. It goes well with the whole-wheat phulkas and akki rottis which are served as the first course.

Whole-wheat phulkas are slightly coarse, but a healthy choice.

Cooked on firewood

The next course consists of rice-based dishes such as pulav and plain rice with sambar or spicy rasam.

The pulav is something to look forward to, for its soft texture and light taste.

All these items are cooked on firewood stoves which add an earthy flavour, something new for urbanites.

Cool accompaniments

As is the practice with traditional meals, curd vada, now recognised better as a chat, with mint chutney and a dash of coriander, is served along with the main course.

A dessert of gulab jamoon and ice-cream complete the satisfying meal, along with the healthy element of seasonal fruits. The latter was a better choice as the jamoons came across as a little too chewy.

Angana, the country inn, is located at Pattareddy Palya, Kaggalipura, 25th km of Kanakapura Road. For details call 080-28432888 or email:

The resort runs on a package basis and the food can be ordered in advance while booking packages.


Paper PlateJanuary 13, 2011

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