The 34-year-old BESCOM staff had been admitted to the centre for alcoholism

A 34-year-old BESCOM employee who had been admitted to a de-addiction centre for his alcoholism three months ago committed suicide under mysterious circumstances by jumping from the first floor of the centre in Kengeri here on Sunday.

The victim committed suicide a day before he was due for discharge on Monday after undergoing his three months course, the police said. The deceased has been identified as Tirumalesh.

He was working as meter reader in BESCOM and was a resident of Shirke apartment in Kengeri.

According to the police, Tirumalesh was admitted by his wife at Jeevana De-addiction Centre in Kengeri on March 15, due to his excessive alcoholism.

The management had told the family that he would be completely normal after undergoing the three months course and charged Rs. 8,000 per month.

Tirumalesh was reluctant to join, but somehow with police intervention and family pressure he was admitted.

On Sunday, Tirumalesh accompanied by two employees of the centre was taken to a clinic after he complained of an unbearable pain due to a boil. Tirumalesh returned to the centre after visiting a local doctor and asked one of the employees to get medicine from a pharmacy.

While climbing up the stairs to get into the building, Tirumalesh diverted the attention of the other employee and jumped from the building.

The staff of the de-addiction centre rushed Tirumalesh to a hospital where the doctors declared him brought dead due to multiple injuries.

Preliminary enquiries revealed that Tirumalesh was suffering from depression for the past few days and was not happy returning home. While Tirumalesh’s parents alleged that his wife was responsible for the death, she refuted the allegation stating that her intention was to make him quit the habit.

The Kengeri police have taken up a case and arrested Bhaskar and Lokesh, employees of the centre who accompanied Tirumalesh.

The police suspected that Tirumalesh was depressed to return home and could have jumped off the building to end his life.

He was suffering from psychological problems and had vented his ire on his family members for getting him admitted to the centre, during his stay.

This could be the reason for the extreme step, the police said and added that further investigation is on to ascertain the exact reason for the suicide.

The police said that the centre is a highly reputed one and had even treated many police personnel to help them to quit the habit.

This is the first time that such an incident has happened, the police said and added that they are also investigating the method of treatment employed by the centre.

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