Mama’s Pizzeria in Kodihalli offers a small range of pizzas with a long list of toppings

Cheery artwork on the walls and pizza factoids in curly letters welcome visitors to Mama’s Pizzeria, a relaxed eatery just off 100 Feet Road in Kodihalli.

Reminding us of the statistic that says 70 per cent of all statistics are made up, one “fact” about pizza says that 36 per cent of all pizza eaters request pepperoni. Brightly coloured plastic crockery greets us at the tables, and we glance over the short-and-sweet menu. With just a handful of pizzas in both the non-vegetarian and vegetarian categories, they’ve clearly chosen not to befuddle us with too much choice (in the pizza section, at least. There’s a long list of optional toppings, from pricey Parma ham to good old extra cheese).

The ‘small’ pizzas here are just about perfect for one or two people: they’re barely larger than the small plates they’re served in.

Creamy, tangy

The Mediterranean comes with alluringly large mounds of fresh buffalo mozzarella, just about beginning to melt. An in-house tomato sauce is topped with fresh tomatoes and ribbons of basil; the redundancy in topping tomato with tomato puzzles us, but the pizza’s pure deliciousness helps us overlook it. Mama’s Pizzeria makes a fresh, tangy and chunky tomato sauce that, in this case, is a perfect counterpoint to the creaminess of the cheese.

The Mama’s Heavily Loaded is a pizza made for serious meat lovers: loaded, true to its name, with ham, sausage and pepperoni and, as my companion described it, “salty, oniony, and meaty”. The Classic Veggie, piled with mushrooms and green peppers atop the same tangy tomato sauce, is crunchy and fresh; the melting strings of salty mozzarella here are an interesting contrast to the milky fresh mozzarella used earlier. Whichever pizza you pick, it’s likely you’ll find that the bases here are pleasingly thin, but with shatteringly crisp edges that will give the strongest front teeth a good workout.

Do-it-yourself, almost

If you’re not quite in the mood to dine out but would like oven-fresh pizza anyway, they also have an intriguing “Take ‘n’ Bake” option, in which you can take home ready-to-bake bases and toppings, and pop them in the oven.

The other offerings on the menu include sandwiches, subs and salads, which you could wash down with your choice of fizzy-sugary drink. (Stay away from the salads — much as they might attract those seeking “healthier” alternatives to pizza, you might find, as we did, artfully arranged bits of carrot peel in our bowl of the Rainbow Salad.) The pace of service at the pizzeria can be glacial; the day we visited, there were too few staff members to be able to handle even two or three tables.

And the lack of dessert is another sore point. But, in café-littered Indiranagar, finding sweeter shores shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

(Mama’s Pizzeria is at 2041, 17th Main Road, 1st Cross, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar. Call 25200067.)

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