Filing a police complaint after allegedly being ragged by his seniors proved costly for a first year B.Com student, who has now been suspended from college.

The college has accused him of fighting and creating a nuisance on campus.

Siddharth Kumar Singh, an 18-year-old from Bihar, complained that he was humiliated and beaten up by his seniors at Dayananda Sagar College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Kumaraswamy Layout, for refusing to trim his hair as they demanded. He was forced to dance and strip for days, humiliated in front of other students, and beaten up and threatened when he objected, he said in the complaint to the Kumaraswamy (KS) Layout police.

“I had to retaliate when they [abused] my family and I slapped one of them,” Siddharth admitted.

The accused, identified as Dharmender, Nisheet, Devesh and Rishu, along with others, had forcibly cut his hair and slashed his face, he added.

Police inaction

Adding to the woes, when he approached the police on September 17, instead of taking action against the accused, they summoned all of them and advised a compromise.

However, when the humiliation persisted, Siddharth said he called the national anti-ragging helpline in New Delhi, set up by the University Grants Commission, which in turn approached the police, demanding that they file a first information report (FIR).

The accused then went into hiding.

Apology sought

The college administration, who found out about the incident from the police, suspended not only the four accused, but also Siddharth. The authorities demanded an apology letter from Siddharth for his alleged role in the fight.

They also pulled him up for not informing them about the incident before approaching the police.

“I have submitted an apology in writing as I cannot afford to get suspended,” he told The Hindu.

Delayed investigation

Eight days after the incident, the police have now begun investigating the matter. They conducted spot inspection of the college on Wednesday and are on the lookout for the accused.

Siddharth also named Vijay Pandey, a Dayanand Sagar college alumnus turned tout, as being instrumental in instigating the attack. But, the police have not booked him in the case. When he was being beaten up, Vijay reportedly approached them in a car, and went on to kick him (Siddharth) and further instigate the attack, the student charged.

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