Student nurse abducted and gang raped, another sexually assaulted

Close on the heels of the gang rape of a 19-year-old student nurse on Sunday, which came to light on Wednesday, an unidentified woman, aged around 24, was found unconscious by the roadside two km away from the city’s suburb of Anekal on Wednesday.

Locals rushed her to the Government Hospital where she was referred to Victoria Hospital. Police, who suspect her assailants tried to strangle her to death after sexually assaulting her, have sought medical confirmation, Inspector Renuka Prasad said. They are waiting for the victim to regain her consciousness to record her statement.

Struggle marks

The victim’s body bore injures indicating she had put up a fight but there were no scratch or bite marks typical of sexual assault.

However, Victoria doctors said they had observed a couple of bite marks and have taken swabs to find out if she was raped.

Meanwhile, police said the person who brought the victim to the hospital identified himself as Prabhakar and claimed he was a relative. He named the victim and said she was from Sawandur on the city’s outskirts. “He left telling doctors he would return with her parents but he has not even given his mobile number,” said the police, who are not discounting the possibility of his being a suspect. They have found a bag with victim containing her personal belongings including clothes, some documents and even jewellery.

This incident follows the abduction of a student nurse as she was waiting for a bus on the busy Mother Teresa Road here, a stone’s throw away from the Ashok Nagar police station on Sunday, and her subsequent gang rape.

Dragged into SUV

Police said an SUV stopped near her on the pretext of seeking an address but its occupants pulled her in, took her to an isolated place, and forced her to consume alcohol and gang raped her. The girl, who fell unconscious, was later taken to St. John’s Hospital by an unknown woman. The victim later reported the matter to her hostel warden who called the police.

In her statement, the girl said the accused had raped and robbed her. “We are going through the CCTV images from the nearby traffic junctions to get the registration number of the vehicle,” a police official said.

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