He seeks fresh probe claiming innocence based on DNA test outcome

A Metropolitan Magistrate Court in Bangalore has directed the city police to register a First Information Report (FIR) and conduct a probe to find out person responsible for sexually abusing the four-year-old daughter of French embassy official Pascal Mazurier.

Accused files plaint

Curiously, the court issued the direction based on a private complaint given by none other than Mr. Mazurier, against whom the police have filed a charge sheet based on the allegation that he had sexually abused his daughter.

The court has referred the complaint to the Cubbon Park police under Section 156(3) of the Code of Criminal Procedure for conducting an investigation and to submitting a report in this regard.

Mr. Mazurier has sought a fresh investigation based on the outcome of the DNA report related to the criminal case pending against him.

Mr. Mazurier has said in his complaint that with the DNA report “clearing” him of the allegation, it is essential to trace the “real culprit” who had sexually abused his daughter as the initial medical report from Baptist Hospital had indicated that his daughter was sexually abused.

However, Mr. Mazurier did not name a suspect in his complaint seeking a probe against an “unknown” person.

DNA test and result

The DNA test conducted on samples of blood and vaginal swab sent by Baptist Hospital, indicated that “the Yfiler DNA profiles of the stains on the vaginal swab and anal swab of the victim did not match with that of the Yfiler DNA profile of the blood sample drawn from Mr. Mazurier.”

After examining the DNA profiles, forensic experts had stated in their report that “Mr. Mazurier is not the contributor of the seminal stains found on vaginal swab and anal swab of the victim girl.”

Based on the DNA test, the Karnataka High Court granted bail to Mr. Mazurier. It said, “The [medical] report submitted by Baptist Hospital read with the DNA report do not prima facie indicate the involvement of the petitioner [Mr. Mazurier] in the alleged crime.”

Mr. Mazurier, soon after his release on bail on October 17, 2012, had also given a representation to the Bangalore city police seeking a fresh probe to find out the “real culprits.”

He was arrested on June 16 based on a complaint by his wife, Suja Jones Mazurier, accusing him of sexually abusing their child.