Campaign pushes men to show integrity and stand up for women

Soldier for Women, a campaign promoting the idea of men protecting women, came to Bangalore with three actors championing the cause on Tuesday.

Arbaaz Khan, Rahul Bose and Mandira Bedi, who are part of the campaign launched by Gillette India Ltd., stressed the need for men to show courage and integrity to protect women in distress. The campaign is also pushing for men to stand up, without fear, for women in need.

“A woman doesn’t need a man to stand in front of her as a shield. Her man has to stand beside her like a rock. The qualities to respect women must be inculcated at childhood itself. If a child sees his mother walking two steps behind his father, then he would think that this is how the world is,” Mr. Bose told presspersons.

Asking men across the nation to exhibit the values of camaraderie, courage, integrity, discipline and respect to stand up for women, Mr. Khan said that this movement aims at bringing likeminded men together and imbibing these values to be a soldier for women.

He also said with the fear of legal entanglement keeps people away from being involved following an incident. “There is a strong need to battle this fear and motivate people to help someone who are in need of help,” Mr. Khan said.

Stressing the need for awareness about the campaign, especially in the light of the Delhi gang rape that has shocked the country, Ms. Bedi felt that the country needs men who can stand up for women.

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