The State government has made it mandatory for public amusement centres such as clubs, swimming pools, dancing places, gymnasiums, billiard halls, and the like to install closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras inside and outside their premises for better surveillance.

The government order has set 60-day deadline for amusement centre authorities to implement the direction.

Storage space

Further, the government order has directed the management of amusement centres to maintain at least 200 meters of distance from religious and educational institutions, apart from installing CCTV cameras in and around the place with good storage space to accommodate the recording of day-to-day affairs for a three-month duration.

The managements of the public amusement centres should not entertain unaccompanied children aged below 16, says the government order.

Rest rooms

The authorities of the public amusement centres should provide clean and separate rest room for women, employees, and for people with disabilities.


Besides that they should ensure that liquor and drugs are not allowed on their premises. And, they should allow the police and government agencies into their premises for carrying out inspections, the order says.

The district magistrates, police commissioners and the district police heads have been instructed to implement the order.

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