Police officer says evidence against him is circumstantial

A group of senior police officials appears to be in denial despite medical evidence showing that French official Pascal Mazurier’s three-and-half-year old daughter was indeed raped.

Medical report

Whether or not Mr. Mazurier committed the crime can only be established after the results of the forensic examination come. But medical examination of the child, excerpts from which were made available to The Hindu by police sources, appear to leave nothing to doubt. The manner in which the child was violated amounts to rape and not a lesser form of abuse, the report asserts.

Yet, when The Hindu spoke to some of the police officers investigating the case, they seemed sceptical. A senior officer said evidence against Mr. Mazurier is circumstantial and the case hinges on the forensic report.

However, the same officer was at pains to dismiss the possibility of rape. Evidently, seeking to cast aspersions on the test conducted at the Collaborative Child Response Unit (CCRU) of the Baptist Hospital, he said rape would have caused more severe physical trauma.

Without supporting his argument with medical evidence or precedence, the officer was of the opinion that it is close to impossible for a 39-year-old man to rape a toddler.

A question

“How can a father a rape his child, sir?” asked a mid-ranking officer at the jurisdictional High Grounds police station even as his colleagues nodded in agreement.

The police also said they have compiled a two-page statement based on what Mr. Mazurier told them during interrogation. Divulging some details of his personal life, Mr. Mazurier has told the police he is being framed by his wife Suja Jones Mazurier.

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