To exclude music from any gala is nearly impossible, and Christmas is no exception.

The spirit of Christmas was shared by both carollers and the public when a troupe went singing on Hutchinson Road and surrounding areas on Saturday. Passers-by had a smile on their face, and some stopped to enjoy the carols. Rajeshwari Shivanand, a resident of Hutchinson Road, said the carollers’ spirit was contagious.

In some places, residents welcomed them with claps and cheers. Mayavati Sreenivasan, a homemaker, called out to her teenage children to watch the enthusiastic six-year-old Santa, who was part of the carolling group.

One of the carol groups, who call themselves ‘Christian Brothers’, said their intention was to spread Christmas cheer wherever they go. Though they are not welcomed warmly everywhere, their enthusiasm doesn’t dim.

Vishwanathan Patur, 16-year-old member of ‘Christian Brothers’, said he has been part of the group since he was six-years-old, when his parents started the group. Other group members Manoj Das, Gunadas Renjan and Shama Sundaran said the spirit of Christmas should be shared by people of all cultures, not just Christians.

Rachel Alexander, resident of Richard’s Park, lamented that people were now too busy to celebrate festivals.


An extended family to celebrate Christmas withOctober 31, 2012

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