The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) is working towards implementing the Bangalore Rain Water Harvesting Regulations by appealing to people to install rainwater harvesting (RWH) structures in their houses.

The water body has set up a helpdesk where people can contact Ph: 23341652; 23348848 or 23348849 for any queries.

“If people contact us on the helpdesk and seek advice, we send our engineers for inspection of the site to set up the structure by looking at space for the recharge pit and type of filter,” said Kemparamaiah, Chief Engineer of the BWSSB.

The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage (Amendment) Act of 2009, under which the Bangalore Rain Water Harvesting Regulations were introduced, has made it mandatory for all houses which are built on 30 x 40 sites between the time period of August 25, 2009 and May 27, 2010, and existing houses built on 40 x 60 sites to have rainwater harvesting structures.

BWSSB meter readers are busy telling uninitiated owners of buildings that fall under the Act. “BWSSB men asked us if we have a rainwater harvesting structure. Since we do not have one, we were told that we will not be supplied water after the May 27 deadline lapses,” said H.M. Meena, a resident of Murgeshpalya, whose house is built on a 40 x 60 site.

54,000 buildings

A senior BWSSB official said 54,000 buildings constructed during the nine-month period have been identified to come under the purview of the Act. According to the Act, the immediate mode of action to be taken in case of non-compliance after May 27 will be to cut the water supply and the underground drainage facility.

“Since the Act does not apply to older buildings, we are holding awareness campaigns. As for apartment buildings, the rule applies to them as well since we provide one connection to each apartment building,” he added.

Giving information on the costs involved, A.R. Shivakumar, Principle Investigator of the Karnataka State Science and Technology Council, Indian Institute of Science, said almost 80 per cent of the cost of installation for rainwater harvesting goes towards storage and the rest for the pipes and filters. “It can cost anywhere between Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 40,000,” he said.

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