Bangalore University Vice-Chancellor has clarified that the Faculty of Science has not opposed or rejected the restructured undergraduate programme. Reacting to the story ‘BU rejects 4-year science course’ that appeared in The Hindu on Tuesday, the VC said what BU is offering is not a four-year course, but a restructured undergraduate programme offering multiple exit options.

Faculty members had said that there are apprehensions about the exit options, which were conveyed during the meeting of the departments held on Monday.

While the Dean of Faculty of Science N.H. Manjunath, during the academic council meeting on Tuesday, said the programme had not been rejected, a copy of the proceedings of the science faculty meeting, available with The Hindu, stated: “On the outset, members welcomed the proposed scheme. Professors K. Manjunath, Ramachandra Mohan, Chidananda Sharma, N. Ramachandra Swamy, Sarangi and other members expressed that the choice of exit option after two years is not an ideal practice. They suggested that the university has to relook at providing this option at the undergraduate level. Some of the suggestions made while presenting the syllabi are – to remove the word four-year from the syllabus wherever it occurs.”

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