People in Bangalore are always game to try new flavours, says Naga Kitchen's general manager Dylan

From its humble beginnings as a small two-table shack in Guwahati, Naga Kitchen grew to establish itself in its hometown before moving on to Bangalore about a year ago. ‘Why Bangalore?' People in Bangalore are always game to try new flavours, so why not? says Naga Kitchen's general manager Dylan. And indeed, for the burst of new and exotic flavours which it offers at reasonable prices, Naga Kitchen is a great place to satisfy your adventurous palate.

The friendly waiters explain the various items on the menu that the average Bangalorean is unfamiliar with. Once the business of ordering food is done, you have the opportunity to take in the ambience. The open-air setting, wooden flooring and bamboo-panelled interiors make it a pleasant spot to while away your time, especially since there seems to be no hurry to serve up quickly. On the other hand, it could be an indication that we are to be served food fresh off the stove. The restaurant is located two-storeys above busy Kamanahalli Main Road, high enough to insulate it from the buzz of the street.

When the food finally arrives, the aromas and colours make up for the delay. For starters, we have the ‘Smoked Pork Chilly', easily the best dish of the evening. The pork is crisp, bold and with a smoky flavour. Another recommendation is the ‘Fish with Bamboo Shoot' which is infused with subtle flavours. Of the gravy dishes, the Smoked Pork with Yam is a standout. Though most of the dishes are spicy, there are the milder offerings such as ‘Pork with Bamboo shoot and vegetables'. For non-pork eaters the same gravies and sauces are available in chicken and fish.

The vegetarian thali is quite impressive, with the ‘Naga curry' a true winner.

Of course, a Naga meal is not complete without their chutneys. There is a wide variety to choose from — dry fish chutney to the king chilly chutney (not for the faint-hearted!). A meal for two costs around Rs. 250-300. But come in a large group so that you can sample much more of their food. Naga Kitchen has no desserts to offer. Instead, pick up a bottle of pork pickle on your way out even as you nurse your burning tongue and bulging belly.

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Paper PlateJanuary 13, 2011