Maybe there’s some hope for the city’s dying lakes, kalyanis and ponds. A private firm, in association with the State Horticulture Department, has embarked on a project to restore the water bodies with microbial treatment.

Green Farm Innovators, in coordination with the Horticulture Department, launched a project on Monday to clean up the lotus pond in Cubbon Park.

The restoration methodology is the use of effective microbe (EM) technology, said the firm’s representative, Kiran P. Kulkarni.

Ulsoor lake first

Pointing out that the same technology was used to clean Ulsoor lake in 2009, Mr. Kulkarni said the results seen there were significant. “We hope to replicate the same model here,” he said.

Explaining the technology, he said it “uses several breeds of live microbes, including yeast and photosynthetic bacteria that react with the decomposing or dead matter and break it down.” “This has the effect of reducing any odour emitted by the substance.”

The technology can even break down solid waste, he said, citing the Anjanapura junkyard as an example. “We cleaned up the smell there in 45 minutes.”

Elsewhere too

The technology has been increasingly deployed around the world, and is in use in Egypt, China, and Myanmar, among others.

Referring to the Cubbon Park lotus pond, Mr. Kulkarni pointed out that its water goes to Bal Bhavan and is used for gardening outside park.

In addition to the effectiveness of EM technology, the cost of the “effective eco solution” was also very accommodating as 1 litre costs Rs. 50, and 5 to 10 litres would effectively clean one lakh litres.

Follow-up doses

He claimed that results would be apparent within 10-15 days, and they expected to use about 25-50 litres of the “effective eco solution” for the clean-up of the lotus pond and other areas in Cubbon Park. “We would need smaller increments of EM dosages to maintain the results,” he added.

More help

Although this endeavour was supported by the Horticulture Department, Mr. Kulkarni said he hoped to collaborate with non-governmental organisations or individuals to fund the clean-up of various water bodies in the city.

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