Temperature is likely to touch 37 degrees Celsius this month

Citizens will have to ensure that they are properly hydrated now that summer is well and truly here.

Day time temperatures are set to rise.

The maximum temperature on Thursday was 35.9 degree Celsius while the minimum was 20.8 degrees Celsius.

According to B. Puttanna, director of the Meteorological Department, the temperature is likely to touch 37 degrees this month. Last year, the highest temperature recorded in March was 36.6 degrees. The highest maximum temperature ever recorded (during March) was 37.3 degrees in 1996. Rain might have reined in the soaring temperature. But with clear skies, the likelihood of rain is unlikely, he said.

“Summer begins in March. Temperatures peak in April and May. Over the last two days, the maximum temperature in the city was 35.4 degrees. The maximum temperature lasts between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m., not throughout the day,” he said.

He said that the mean temperature calculated during March over 30 years is around 33 degrees. “This means that the maximum temperature is close to three degrees above normal now,” he added.

Mr. Puttanna said that the city could expect pre-monsoon thunder activity after April 15 i.e. during the second half of the summer season.

“With intense heat on land and availability of moisture, there will be cloud formation. The rains will bring some respite and help lower the temperature a bit,” he added.

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