A 17-year-old boy, who was allegedly detained by the City Railway Police for at least 15 days, was rescued by a non-governmental organisation here on Monday.

The boy, members of the NGO alleged, was found in handcuffs and chained to a chair at the police station on platform number six at the city railway station. A railway police official, when asked, said he did not know of any such boy being detained there.

Meanwhile, a complaint was filed with the State Human Rights Commission.

The victim, a minor from Bihar, was picked up by the police from Yeshwanthpur railway station on January 27, sources said. He had come to the city with two other boys and was selling mobile phone pouches on the railway platform.

They had travelled to Vijayawada too, the sources, who spoke to the boy, said.

Manohar, a member of South India Cell for Human Rights Education and Monitoring, a Bangalore-based NGO, alleged that the police had chained the boy to a chair and that they had found out that he had been detained in such a condition there for at least 10 days.

He said that the police had been shifting the boy from one station to the other. They did not inform the Child Welfare Committee nor did they make attempts to trace his family, Mr. Manohar alleged.

The SHRC team found that two more youth aged between 18 and 20 have been detained in the lock-up for the past five days. The city railway police refused comment in the matter.

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