After receiving a slew of complaints from consumers at the public hearing on tariff hike, Bescom announced that it was planning to introduce a system to inform consumers of power shutdown which are of more than 20-minute duration.

Bescom's Managing Director P. Manivannan, on Friday, said that the new system would be introduced by April 15, 2011.

Mass communication technology, such as SMS, would be used by the utility to inform the consumers about the power shutdowns. He made a presentation before the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) about Bescom's plan of action to improve the quality of service.

Responding to queries on quality of supply, he said that 60 per cent interruptions were beyond control of Bescom.

“The MUSS is all controlled by the Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Ltd. We will raise this issue with the Government.”

To which, Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) directed Bescom to quantify interruptions in different feeders and design a system that would monitor each feeder.

To improve Bescom's functioning, Mr. Manivannan said that the utility was planning to apply for Total Quality Management (TQM) and ISO 9000 by November 1, 2011. He said that the utility was planning to solicit consumers' opinions.

“We will include stakeholders in our advisory panel known as participatory council. We will keep their opinions confidential and all processes will be transparent,” he said.

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