The BBMP claimed to have trained all pourakarmikas on segregation of waste at source and the different categories of garbage

Garbage segregation is mandatory from Monday. The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) claims to have put in place all systems. However, there is confusion at the ground level, especially among the pourakarmikas who handle the waste.

The BBMP claimed to have trained all pourakarmikas on segregation of waste at source and the different categories of garbage. However, S. Balan, president of BBMP Contract Pourakarmikas’ Association, claimed otherwise.

“The BBMP officials may claim that so many pourakarmikas have been trained. However, it is only on paper. I have spoken to some garbage contractors and even they seemed ignorant about the BBMP’s new waste management plans,” he said.

He said that the BBMP’s plan was likely to fail as it was being implemented in a hurry, without proper planning. “Ideally, the BBMP should have framed an action plan and kept aside some time, say a few weeks, for training the pourakarmikas and taking up awareness programmes. This would have ensured the plan’s success,” he added.

Lakshmamma, a contract pourakarmika for six years, claimed that no one had informed her about waste segregation at source. “I got to know about this only when one of the residents asked me about segregation and when the dry waste was going to be collected,” she admitted.

Pourakarmika supervisor N. Emmanuel from Cox Town said that a BBMP official informed him about segregation at source. “We were given some pamphlets and asked to distribute it to the residents of the area. But the major issue that the BBMP has failed to address is the shortage of drums, pushcarts and autorickshaws. Without these, how are the pourakarmikas expected to collect segregated waste,” he asked.

Reiterating this, Mr. Balan said that contract pourakarmikas do not get any benefits. “Even their salary is not paid in time. Also, the contract pourakarmikas are asked to buy their own brooms. How can they work in such a situation?”

Meanwhile, senior BBMP officials claimed that pourakarmikas in the newly added five zones had been trained. Training has been completed in the three core zones as well.

“Only one round is pending in the West zone.” On Monday, the officials will conduct a review meeting to ascertain the success of the segregation plans.

“We are expecting around 30 per cent of the households to segregate waste at source. This will come up to 40 tonnes of pure wet waste. We plan on sending this to Terra Firma where the biogas unit is in place,” the official added.