Traffic police booked highest number of cases in 2012

The Bangalore traffic police have registered a whopping 50 lakh cases of traffic violations and collected Rs. 52 crore in fines during 2012, the highest ever reported in the city. They recommended to the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) the suspension of 4,337 driving licences for multiple traffic violations.

The traffic police booked 16.91 lakh cases with digital cameras provided to constables at every junction and also with the help of surveillance cameras installed at major junctions.

The breakup

Providing the breakup of the cases booked during the year, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) M.A. Saleem said 4 lakh cases were booked against those not wearing helmets, 1.4 lakh booked for using mobile phones while driving and 1.2 lakh for reckless driving. Some 60,000 cases were booked for drunken driving and the offenders produced before the court.

Apropos the suspension of driving licences, the police plan to up the ante with recommending their cancellation if the licence holders are involved in further violations.

Some 2,159 autorikshaws ferrying more than six children were booked for violating permits.

As many as 107 major roads were marked as zero-tolerance roads with ban on parking on both sides to allow free movement of public transport.

“Such measures have helped us reduce the number of accidents in the city drastically,” Mr. Saleem said.

The city now has 42 lakh vehicles from only 1.75 lakh in 1985. Around 1,000 new vehicles are being added daily, Mr. Saleem said.