The yearlong controversy over the enhancement of seats in Jain College, Jayanagar, returned to haunt Bangalore University yet again at Monday’s Academic Council meeting, with a resolution finally being passed not to permit enhancement of intake for the day college for 2013-14. The council, however, permitted enhancement of seats for the evening college.

A war of words broke out between council member Karan Kumar H. and Syndicate member D.S. Krishna, who headed the LIC (Local Inquiry Committee) that inspected Jain College this time. The council was meeting for the second time after Saturday for discussing the remaining LIC reports.

Mr. Kumar, a government nominee and industry representative in the council and chief of the university’s task force on teacher education, had tendered his resignation on Saturday “in protest against detrimental developments, including the loss of climate of openness and trust at Bangalore University”. He, however, attended the session on Monday as “his resignation was yet to be accepted”.

Charge against college

Reiterating his allegation against Jain College, Jayanagar, Mr. Kumar said that though it was granted renewal of intake for 2012-13 for 160 seats each in B.Com and BBM, it enhanced the first to 360 and the second to 400 after writing to the State government, which permitted it. The LIC, headed by D.S. Krishna, approved the enhancement citing good infrastructure, among other things.

Mr. Krishna defended his report saying that the college was assessed after receiving a letter from the university that the college had remitted the enhancement amount.

University Registrar (Evaluation) R.K. Somashekhar too maintained that the college had applied for the 2012-13 examination for the number of students before the enhancement.

However, Mr. Kumar stuck to his ground, insisting that a college could not subvert the university’s decision by approaching the government. His threats to stage a protest invited a sharp rebuke from Vice-Chancellor B. Thimme Gowda. The former B.Ed. task force chief also invited criticism from the other council members for a personal attack he made on the former acting Vice-Chancellor N. Rangaswamy.

B.Ed. exams

Speaking to reporters later, the Vice-Chancellor said that the university was awaiting a government directive on the eligibility of students for the B.Ed. exams, which have been put off from its earlier date of June 5.