Brother-in-law of doctor who was arrested for suspected terror links clarifies

Sabeel Ahmed on Friday denied he is the person being referred to as "Motu Doctor" by National Investigation Agency (NIA) sleuths or that he is connected to the terror module busted by the local police last week.

Dr. Sabeel is from Bangalore but moved to Saudi Arabia to further his career. In an email to media houses, he claimed that linking him to the nom de guerre was a ploy to defame him. "I am completely unaware of … the Bangalore conspiracy case. I learnt about the existence of such a plot only when it appeared in the Indian media. I did not know about involvement of any of the accused persons named in the case. Dr. Imran, who was arrested on November 29, 2013, was married to my sister. However, the marriage ended in divorce within a few months. I was not in contact with Dr. Imran and our relationship has been strained after the divorce," he said. “The persons, who the police claim were the target of the assassination, are complete strangers to me, whose names I have never heard. It is also funny because I can neither read nor write Kannada…”. He denied every travelling to Hyderabad.

“Now why in the world would I have any reason to be a part of something that doesn’t concern me, or has affected me in any way," he said.

Referring to the allegations, he denied ever attending meetings held in Riyadh and Dammam to plot terror attacks, or financing and providing logistical support for such activities. He said that the police has neither questioned him nor summoned him in connection with the case. “I have complete faith that the police is fully aware that I have nothing to do with the case,” he added.

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