A newborn was stolen from the cradle while his parents were asleep at the Vani Vilas Hospital on Friday afternoon.

Hospital sources said Vasantha (19) had given birth around 1.30 a.m. on Friday. In the afternoon, when the exhausted Vasantha and her husband Manju were sleeping, a stranger entered the room.

Vasantha’s mother, who was tending to the newborn, thought she was a hospital attendant. The latter asked her to bring her some tea while she took care of the baby. When Vasantha’s mother returned, to her horror she found both the woman and her grandson missing. Manju alerted the hospital staff, who then rushed to check the CCTV footage. However, it was no help as no one could recognise the woman. The hospital submitted the footage to the Victoria Hospital police for investigation.

Vani Vilas Hospital has repeatedly seen such kidnappings, so much so the Karnataka State Human Rights Commission had issued a notice to its medical superintendent seeking a detailed report.