A 23-year-old man, who wanted a son, allegedly killed his 22-day-old daughter by poisoning her on Sunday at Hadi Hosahalli, near Nelamangala. The murder came to light on Monday when the baby’s mother lodged a police complaint after which the father Nandeesh was arrested.

According to the police, Nandeesh, a mechanic working in Tumkur, came to see his wife when she was in labour and left without seeing the baby the moment he discovered it was a girl.

After staying out of touch for 22 days, he reappeared at his wife’s house Sunday morning, pretending to have overcome his initial disappointment. He told his wife he had brought special donkey’s milk for the child, which would make her strong.

He offered the milk to his wife as well but she asked him to give the expensive milk to the child. Little did she know that her refusal to drink the milk would save her life as Nandeesh had poisoned it.

Minutes after the baby drank the milk, she began frothing at the mouth and was rushed to the hospital. Doctors declared the baby dead at 1.30 p.m. and informed the mother her baby had been poisoned.

Upon interrogation, Nandeesh also told the police that he had killed the infant on the advice of an astrologer in Tumkur.

The astrologer allegedly told Nandeesh that the child was born on an inauspicious day and would cause his death.

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