Comic Con Express Bengaluru draws thousands of fans

Look, there is the Little Red Devil chatting to Phantom. And who’s that character posing for photos with Tobi from Naruto? If you were, or better still, are, a comics fan, the Comic Con Express Bengaluru has just made a halt here for the weekend.

Fans of all age groups are making a beeline to the venue to see comic book characters in flesh and blood, pick up a favourite copy, and to check out trends.

Popular merchandise

It’s not just comic books that are on sale. The ubiquitous T-shirts, CDs, calligraphy pens, posters, all are up for grabs. Names such as Arabian Nights, Dacoits of Bengal, Seventh Circle, Mr. Hopp, Mukut Singh - the Princely Buffalo, are there on display.

This action-packed event has a fancy dress contest for both children and adults where participants aim to be the most convincing comic book character.

Japanese characters

Third year engineering students Aayushi Bhattacharya and Rohit kailashiya, who were dressed as Rin Tohsaka of Fate/stay night and Tobi from the Naruto series were busy interacting with other comic characters. “The arrangements are better than what we had expected. It feels great when people ask us to pose for photos,” said Aayushi.

Aakash Chattarjee, as dressed as the Joker, said: “I was always fascinated by the comic-book characters since my childhood. I’m very excited as I am into my favourite character.”

Science demo

Jayadev Calamur, editor of the science comic series Brainwave, which is part of the Amar Chitra Katha publications, was demonstrating who corn flour, when mixed with water in the ratio of 2:1, acts as a solid when pressure is applied.

Arun Prasad, researcher and freelance writer, had come to exhibit his rare collection of original first prints of many comic book series — right from Indrajal Comics to Amar Chitra Katha to Tinkle. “Being in a comic fest is really a great experience. We come across many like-minded people here.”

C. Prakash, treasurer of Association of Bangalore Animation Industry, said this event should be made an annual one. “It is like bringing all the graphic artists, comic lovers and passionate animators under one roof!”

The Comic Con Express Bengaluru, at the Koramangala Stadium near the National Games Village, is on till Sunday.