Easy access to technology has led to misuse of the cyber space. This was one of the key points highlighted at the seminar on Cyber Laws organised by the Indian Association of Lawyers here on Sunday.

Addressing the delegates at the seminar, Karnataka High Court judge N. Kumar said that inculcating moral values in the young was necessary to stop further misuse of the cyber space.

In the light of the havoc created in the country due to irresponsible propagation of messages on alleged attacks on the people from the northeast in Bangalore, it is important to inculcate good values in the young to ensure that information technology is not misused.

Advocate and vice-president of the Indian Association of Lawyers Niloufer Bhagawat said that pre-censorship was required to address the adverse impact that resulted from the misuse of information technology. She said that many malicious or harmful messages could be blocked by service providers or private companies that own the sites.

The former Superintendent of Police Kunigal Srikanta spoke on several cases of cyber crime. He said computer could either be a target or a tool or even both.

Technology should be treated as an aid to process information but excessive reliance on technology was not advisable, he added.