It’s 30 degrees outside, but children in Bangalore are frolicking in the snow, looked on by indulgent adults.

The place is at Snow City, an amusement centre at the Fun World Complex in J.C. Nagar.

“Snow City aims to bring the experience of the Himalayas to everybody,” says vice-chairman and director Raja Jupudi.

The facility has been created with the help of snow-making machines imported from Australia. It houses a 12,500 sq ft indoor snow room, maintained at a constant minus 5 to minus 10 degrees, to create 10 to 30 metres of snow.

Amongst the many activities offered at the centre are snow mountain climbing, sliding and basketball, as well as a snow dance area.

Entry fees are Rs. 390 for a 45-minute session from Monday to Friday and Rs. 490 on weekends; group deals are also available. Visitors are provided with protective jackets, boots and gloves and are taken through a 5 degree room in order to acclimatise to the sub-zero temperatures of the snow room; the snow itself is made from drinking water and air in order to ensure that it is safe, and is changed every day.

Mr. Jupudi has ambitious future plans for the site, with an ice gallery of sculptures and art planned to open later on this year in December. He is keen to note that with the addition of the gallery, he hopes to attract visitors not only from Karnataka, but from neighbouring States as well.