The Christmas annual get-together organised by the Archdiocese of Bangalore had high-profile guests, including Governor H.R. Bhardwaj, Union Labour Minister Mallikarjun Kharge and Opposition Leader of the Legislative Assembly Siddaramaiah, meeting the Bangalore Archbishop.

Greetings were exchanged on the occasion, which is marked every year by a formal Christmas message read out by the Archbishop.

Archbishop Bernad Moras spoke about the need for closer human ties, shared values and building family unity and values.

In a message that seems particularly relevant today, in the context of the protests in Delhi following the rape of a young girl, he said: “Exploitation of women and girls has become the order of the day. These segments of society feel insecure. Political and religious leaders seem to preach more than they practice, and people are losing confidence in them.”

Mr. Bhardwaj wished everyone a Merry Christmas and highlighted the good work done by Christian missionaries. He said that communities have to do more to live in peace and harmony.

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