Archbishop of Bangalore Bernard Moras has urged the government to seriously look into the investigation of the murder of rector K.J Thomas (62) in the premises of the St. Peter’s Pontifical Seminary in Malleswaram on April 1.

In a press conference here on Friday, Rev. Moras, along with 15 bishops of the seminary’s board of administration, condemned the brutal murder and read out the contents of the last will and testament of the rector drawn on February 2 last year.

“The will, which states the distribution of his assets among his only brother and three sisters, is a very simple and clear one,” he said.

The deceased had also stated that the procurator and the administrator of the seminary would be the executors of the will. The current procurator, Fr. Patrick, was on the premises and had locked himself in when the assailants had attempted to break into his room as well.

The archbishop, who had met Fr. Thomas four days before his murder, said he had urged the government and investigating agencies to pursue the case diligently. “The motive is still unclear and we are waiting for the police to inform us.”

The seminary students would only return on June 1 and all the necessary security measures would be put into place. The seminary has organised a candlelight vigil in memory of the rector near Cole’s Park in front of the St. Cathedral Church next Tuesday at 4.30 pm.