Dressed in a khaki shirt with a messed up wig, Das started with the mere slapstick to induce hilarity

Stand-up comedian Vir Das left Whitefield shocked, flabbergasted and offended, yet thoroughly entertained, with his edgiest and naughtiest jokes, recently. Nothing was sacred, no one was spared. The performance at CounterCulture was kicked off with a song about the eccentric comedian's tryst with girls, which sent ripples of laughter among the audience. Dressed in a khaki shirt with a messed-up wig, Vir started with mere slapstick to induce hilarity.

Comedy of lists

Once the normal clothes came on, he introduced the audience to ‘Re-Century', a series of ‘top five' lists in various categories — think ‘top five stupid people that run our country' or ‘top five stereotypes'.

He seemed to think that many commonly used sayings don't really make sense. As part of the ‘top five things people should stop saying', he gave those present an in-depth lesson on how much investment needs to be put in when cussing. It was disappointing when someone aimlessly yelled half-thought out curses at you, he quipped.

Stretching it too far

As the first half went by with side-splitting laughter, the second half seemed to drag, with more lists such as ‘top five overrated writers', which included Arundhati Roy and Shobhaa Dé and ‘top five nice guys who are just plain irritating', among others.

It took something for him to happily place Siddhartha Mallya on top of the list of ‘top five people who need a slap', with a spot on imitation at that too. Vir also had the embarrassing moment of picking on a journalist in the audience but tried compensating by making some jokes aimed at himself.

Though the performance was similar to the rest of his stand-up acts around India, Vir Das was thoroughly committed to his audience, and left a lasting impression.

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