The Nest is a beacon for those looking for wholesome, homely meals

Grandma's cooking is not so out of reach for residents of Bellandur. Home to several IT parks, Bellandur has many people living far away from home. If you're aching for the luxury of a hot homely meal, then head to Nest.

Serving the cuisines of different parts of the country — north, south and even hints of Chinese — it caters to all tastes so successfully that you may not hanker for home food anymore!

Pleasing all

Keeping in mind the customers that frequent this eatery, the menu is designed for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Of course, they are simply spoilt for choice.

For starters, the onion-slice pakodas — thin rings fried to a crispy golden brown are sufficiently light to prepare the palate for the afternoon's treat.

Combo meals

There are special Nest combos for lunch and dinner. The chicken curry, with an abundance of onions and spice lands on your plate wrapped in a generous amount of dosa. There is chicken biryani with fish fry for seafood lovers. The Veg Malabar along with vegetarian stew (the onions taste almost like sliced mushrooms) is abundantly spiced, but does not take away from the taste.

Then there are appams, idiappams and puttu, the Kerala specialty; rotis, chapattis, and naan for north Indians.

The meals seem a bellyful with eleven varieties to a plate, at just Rs. 50!

A way to connect

A unique feature is the information board hung up on onethe wall. Interestingly called the ‘Nest Connect', it is a space for customers to post their requirements. “I find the local crowd in Bellandur quite supportive. Especially if you are new to the place, it helps to have someone tell you where to look for an apartment or rent a PG,” says Shiju Krishnan, the owner.

They also undertake home delivery and catering services, especially during weekends. Plans are afoot to use organic ingredients in the recipes soon.

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Paper PlateJanuary 13, 2011

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