Things turned ugly when a former MLA’s driver and security guards allegedly abused cricketer Venkatesh Prasad’s wife

All’s well that ends well. But, former India cricketer Venkatesh Prasad and his wife Jayanthi Prasad were allegedly threatened by security guards of the former MLA, L.R. Shivarame Gowda, over an altercation that ensued in Indiranagar police station limits here on Saturday night.

After high drama in Defence Colony in Indiranagar, a family friend of the Prasad couple lodged a complaint against the former MLA’s security guards.

According to eye-witness accounts, the incident took place when Mr. Prasad was driving down the road with his wife and son, accompanied by Habiba, the wife of cartoonist Mario Miranda, and the former chairman of Titan, Xerxes Desai, when their path was blocked by the car which belonged to the former MLA. The car was parked near the house of Mohan Manghnani, managing trustee of New Horizon Educational and Cultural Trust, who was throwing a housewarming party.

When the car was not moved even after Mr. Prasad honked continuously, Jayanthi Prasad asked the driver of the car to remove the vehicle, following which an altercation ensued between her and the MLA’s security guards. Things turned ugly when the car driver and the security guards began to allegedly abuse Mrs. Prasad.

Indira Shastri, a family friend of the Prasad couple, who witnessed the scene from her house located nearby, alleged that there were eight security guards. She said that the guards manhandled Mrs. Prasad and even her [Ms. Shastri] when she tried to intervene.

The Indiranagar police initially booked cases based on the complaints filed by Ms. Shastri and Mr. Gowda’s daughter. However, by Sunday evening, the police said that the complainants had reached a compromise and decided to withdraw their complaints.

Meanwhile, Mr. Manghnani apologised for the incident.

Mr. Gowda also said that there was some misunderstanding and exchange of words between the two parties. “However, we withdrew the complaint after we arrived at a compromise,” he said.

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