Much before the Forum Mall became Koramangala's presiding landmark, a grey structure, with an arched roof and an adjacent block of flats, was the preferred signpost in the suburb. The Koramangala Indoor Stadium and the nearby National Games Village have come a long way since 1997 though the vagaries of time have dented the paint and the halo.

Inaugurated in May 1997, the indoor venue, with a seating capacity of 2,300, witnessed varied sports like taekwondo, chess and boxing to name a few. But today, the events have dwindled with organisers preferring the more centrally located Sree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium. A boxing championship was held at the Koramangala Indoor Stadium here a few months ago, but otherwise sport is restricted to the odd bout of basketball indulged in by the neighbouring kids, and the fitness freaks, who hit the gym.

Revenue earner

Like most spaces that host sporting events sporadically, the venue often lends itself to housing loan melas, trade fairs, industrial exhibitions and other events. The average per day rent is Rs. 1,50,000 and the revenue is mopped up by the Department of Youth Services and Sports, with the larger goal of pumping the money to develop sports across the State though implementation of such an ideal often gets delayed.

Right now, there is an eerie silence under the arched roof. Occasionally there is a swish-swish sound as cleaning staff sweep the floor. Another weekend is drawing to a close and it is time for yet another exhibition. As for sports, it all depends on the various associations showing the will to allocate competitions to Koramangala. Currently the buzz around here is the neighbouring passport office!