Though almost two months late, Bangalore University has finally completed its affiliation process for 2013-14.

At its Academic Council meeting here, Vice-Chancellor B. Thimme Gowda said that 21 local inquiry committees (LICs) had inspected 542 colleges. Of them, 49 had applied for fresh affiliation, 493 for renewal of affiliation, and 26 for permanent affiliation. The reports of 11 LICs were presented for discussion last weekend.

There were also 47 colleges that had applied for additional courses, of which 25 did not get approval; 94 colleges had applied for enhancement of intake, and 18 colleges failed to get the nod of members of the LICs.

With criticism raised over leniency to erring colleges, the council resolved to make rectification of certain glaring errors time-bound.

With many members questioning how some colleges were being allowed to function with no qualified principals, Prof. Thimme Gowda said that such colleges would be given two months to make amends.

With respect to postgraduate courses being run by guest faculty, he said: “We will give the colleges three to six months to appoint core faculty members. Colleges will be informed through letters sent along with the affiliation status.”

Discussion on LICs

The council members discussed the composition and work of the LICs. When some members raised the issue of each LIC inspecting too many colleges, the Vice-Chancellor said that he wanted to constitute 30 LICs this time, but did not get consensus on it.

Council members also asked if there was a provision for Syndicate members to be LIC chairpersons, and why they were not present when their reports were being discussed. However, there was no convincing answer.

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