He was arrested by the Peenya police after a cat-and-mouse game

The Peenya police arrested an accountant of a wholesale edible oil marketing firm who had allegedly duped hundreds of people posing himself as owner and conning them of Rs. 1.5 crore, promising them high returns.

After a six-month cat-and-mouse game, the Peenya police caught Ravi Kumar (30) when he returned home to attend the last rites of his mother who had committed suicide, unable to bear the harassment by moneylenders.

Unfortunately for those duped, the police said that they did not find a single rupee on Ravi Kumar as he claimed to have spent it all.

A promotion

Ravi Kumar, a resident of a Peenya, was working as an accountant with the wholesale edible oil company in RMC Yard for the last 10 years. Impressed by his hard work and dedication, the owner handed over the administration to him, dropping in only once in a way. Taking advantage of this, Ravi Kumar started approaching people claiming that he was the owner of the firm and asked them to make investments in his company for good returns.

Many petty businessmen fell victim to his persuasive powers and invested with him.

When the figure reached Rs. 1.5 crore, Ravi Kumar went underground six months ago.

The scam came to light when the investors, who went to check about their returns, found Ravi Kumar missing. The furious victims lodged a cheating complaint against him. They would often turn up at his residence and harass his parents who were apparently unaware about these activities.

Unable to bear the frequent harassment, his mother Shanthamma hanged herself to death on Friday. Ravi Kumar, who came to know about this, tried to attend the funeral concealing his identity. Anticipating his visit, the police lay in wait and arrested him the moment he arrived.

Left in the lurch

The arrest spread like wildfire and gullible investors initially heaved a sigh of relief; but their joy was short-lived as no one knows yet where the money went.

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